The Player's use of the website or any of its mirrors (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") means that the Player (hereinafter referred to as the "Player", "User", "You") agrees to all the rules, rules and regulations of verification (hereinafter referred to as the "verification rules" or "authentication rules and verification") and adopts the following Rules and Requirements for the verification procedure, which are legally binding. We strongly recommend that you read all the terms of this Agreement in full before accepting it. If you do not agree to comply with this Agreement, you must immediately stop using the services of the website, or any of its mirrors, These Terms and Conditions of the verification procedure are an integral part of the policy “Terms and Conditions.

General situation

1.1 For all accounts, the player's identity authentication procedure is mandatory (filling in the main fields in the player's profile). It is impossible to withdraw funds from the player's account balance without going through this procedure.

1.2 Verification of the player's account is carried out only at the request of the administration and is not a prerequisite for withdrawing funds from the player's account balance.

1.3 Clients can receive notifications about the need for verification only from the administration through their personal account or by e-mail .

1.4. In order to protect players' accounts from fraudulent actions with their accounts, as well as to combat money laundering, the project administration has the right to request account verification with any withdrawal request.

1.5.Account verification is carried out in accordance with these regulations of the account verification procedure, you give your consent to the processing of your personal data.

1.6 Account verification is mandatory if:

1.6.1 In the case when the project administration has suspicions that the player creates duplicate accounts in order to use no deposit promo offers many times.

1.6.2 In the case when a one-time withdrawal request exceeds 200,000 RUB or the equivalent in another currency.

1.6.3 In the case when the total amount of withdrawals for the billing period (7 days) exceeds 300,000 RUB or the equivalent in another currency.

1.6.4 If the player has multiple violations of the rules and conditions of the casino.

1.7 The project Administration reserves the right to initiate primary or additional account verification at any time at its discretion, as well as to use additional verification procedures and tools if necessary. To verify the user's account, the Company has the right to request a document certifying your identity (including, but not limited to, a copy of your passport / ID card / or any payment card used, an up-to-date utility bill issued in your name) and/or request an up-to-date account statement from which the transaction was made deposit,. If you do not provide or cannot provide us with such information, then we have the right to suspend your account until you provide us with this information, and/or permanently close your account if you do not provide it. You confirm that you have provided us with complete, accurate and reliable information about yourself. In case of any changes to your personal information, you should immediately add them to your profile. Failure to comply with or ignore this provision may result in suspension or blocking of the account, as well as cancellation of payments.

1.7 Additional account verification is carried out within 3 working days, but no more than 30 working days, including weekends and holidays.

Identity authentication

2.1. To confirm the identity of the player, the player must fill in all the fields in the personal account, namely:

2.1.1. Specify The First And Last Name;

2.1.2. Specify Gender and Date of birth;

2.1.3. Specify the country, city, exact address of residence;

2.1.4. Specify and confirm the phone number that belongs to the player;

2.1.5. Specify and confirm the Email Address;

Verification of the player's account

3.1 Account verification is an additional form of identity verification using the services of the site, for its passage the player must:

3.1.6. Submit a photo/scanned copy of the identity document;

3.1.7. Submit a photo/scanned copy of the document confirming the place of residence;

3.1.8. It is necessary to upload selfies with a piece of paper with the player ID written on it and the date of verification;

3.2 All data in the profile must correspond to the real data of the player, if the player specifies non-existent personal and or contact data, the project administration has the right to block the actions of such an account without notifying the player, and set requirements for passing the authentication procedure and verification of the player's account.

Requirements for supporting documents

4.1. The client authentication and player account verification procedure will be carried out successfully if you have provided a complete list of identity documents in accordance with the requirements, namely;

4.1.1. All the necessary data are clearly visible in the documents provided by you;

4.1.2. There are no glare or watermarks on the photo/scanned copies;

4.1.3. All edges of the photo/scanned copies of documents are clearly visible;

4.1.4. There are no graphical data changes on the photo/scanned copies;

4.1.5. All data in the submitted documents correspond to the data in the player's personal account;

4.1.6. The submitted documents are valid;

4.1.7. The format of the submitted photos/scanned copies is JPG, JPEG, PNG.

4.1.8. The size of the provided photo/scanned copies should not exceed more than 10 MB.

Verification of the withdrawal account

5.1 In order to successfully withdraw funds, the player must verify the withdrawal method according to the current account verification regulations, namely;

5.2 E-wallets: Upload a screenshot from the personal account of the e-wallet, the following data should be visible on the screenshot provided:

5.2.1. Name and surname of the account holder;

5.2.2. Email address of the account

5.2.3. Identification number of the electronic wallet;

5.2.4. Availability of at least one deposit from this e-wallet;

If necessary, companies have the right to request a document confirming the withdrawal of funds from this electronic wallet in our favor.

Bank cards: Upload a photo of the front side of the bank card, the following data should be visible on the provided photo:

5.3.1. Card number the first 4 digits and the last 4 digits of the card number;

5.3.2. Name and Surname of the cardholder;

5.3.3. Bank card validity dates;

It is necessary to have at least one payment from a bank card that passes the verification procedure in our favor, if necessary, the company has the right to request a document confirming the debit of funds from this bank card in our favor.

Ways to apply for verification

6.1 The player has the right to apply for verification, provide them with all the necessary documents as follows;

6.1.1. Upload documents on the website, through your personal account, in the “Verification” section

6.1.2. Send all necessary documents to the email address , with the topic “verification".

6.1.3. Via the official telegram bot of player support @CalibrySupport_bot

The project administration is not responsible if the player sends documents containing the player's personal data to the wrong address.

Verification deadlines

7.1. The period of account verification and player authentication is from the 1st to 72-two hours, but no more than 120 hours from the moment of submitting an application for verification.

7.2. Verification is carried out only on working days.

7.3. The Administration is not responsible for the extension of the verification period, if the delay occurred due to the fault of the player.